Our Commitment to Serving Our Sellers and Buyers

When it comes to building investment strategies, knowing where to begin is often the most difficult part. Thankfully, at NoteTradeX, we make it easy to buy, sell, and trade real estate assets. Whether you’re interested in the ins and outs of mortgage note investing or you’re looking to acquire collateralized real estate debt, we’re here to help facilitate trades between buyers and sellers of real estate backed notes or debt instruments.

We Have More Than 50 Years of Real Estate Experience

Backed by more than five decades of real estate experience and more than 25 years specifically in the note trading industry, our team seeks to make the entire process of working with us a breeze. We pride ourselves on knowing how our industry works, and our experience is of the utmost importance to our clients — but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to take the time to listen to the specific needs that each of our clients brings to the table.

At the end of the day, we want you to know that at NoteTradeX, we strive to go the extra mile for every client. With a full scope and scale of vetted assets, concierge transaction coordination, a simple seller disposition process, and note mastery education coaching, we cater to a full range of investors and asset managers. Schedule a Call with an Account Executive to Learn More !



Serving the Specific Needs of All Asset Sellers

The NoteTradeX solution for Sellers covers every detail of your asset disposition process from start to finish saving you priceless time and effort. From initial asset analysis and consulting to pricing and collateral preparation for marketing. We assist Sellers prepare and then market to our thousands of vetted buyers then our concierge Account Executives work closely between Buyers and Sellers to facilitate transaction with seasoned transactional expertise through due diligence to closing and funding.

Quality Assets and Expert Support for Note Buyers

NoteTradeX Buyers are able to instantly access our large selection of vetted assets using a variety of key search filters and then each search to receive alerts real time regarding new inventory as it becomes available for bidding. Making offers is simple with the seller dictated strike price or range. Once in due diligence our concierge Account Executives work closely between Buyers and Sellers to facilitate the transaction with the whole process supported by our Note Investor expertise, from due diligence to closing and funding.

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The NoteTradeX Value Model

How We Aspire to Fulfill Your Investment Goals

Full Scope and Scale of Vetted Assets

Special relationships are fostered with Banks and Equity Groups to offer their portfolios as vetted assets on the NoteTradeX Proprietary Platform.

Concierge Transaction Coordination

Our team of experts understands the process and are ready to assist you from Acquisition to Disposition.

 Simple Seller Disposition Process 

Our custom platform allows you to easily manage one to thousands of assets, making it easy for you and buyers to do more trades.