Presenting the NoteTradeX Concierge Buyer Process:

Register as a Buyer:
Our registration process consists of scheduling and completing a welcome call with an Account Executive then signing our NCND and Fee Agreement. You will then be given access to the Trading Platform.
Search, Review & Make Offers:
As a registered buyer you will be able to shop our large selection of vetted assets using a variety of search filters. Next, save all unique "buy box" searches to receive alerts real time regarding new inventory as it becomes available for bidding in. Finally, make your indicative bids based on seller dictated strike price or range.
Due Diligence & Closing:
Review the data on your selected asset details, order title reports, BPOs and estimate the value profiles for the best ROI. Should anything be discovered during your review that warrants a final counter offer, you may submit with your reasoning. Once a final price is mutually agreed upon by you and the seller the transaction moves to funding, usually within 24-48 hours.

  Schedule Your Call To Register Below:

  FIRST: Schedule Your Required Welcome Call on this Page Now
  NEXT: Complete Your Call With 
Your NoteTradeX Account Executive
  NEXT: Receive & Review Your Welcome Email, Review our NCND with Fee Agreement and Initial 
  CONGRATULATIONS: You are now a qualified buyer and can start saving your searches and making bids!