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Our team will supervise, coordinate and implement activities as needed. We continually monitor all bidder activity, potential interest, and assist with all bids and term negotiations and make recommendations based on your selling preferences

NoteTradeX Seller Registration:

With over 3,000 transactions completed, our team of experts encompass the broadest range of experience in the industry. Our senior management team has 40+ years of industry experience with an extensive background in a range of debt segments including Performing, Non-performing and Sub-Performing Trust Deeds and Loans.

The NoteTradeX sales team will handle every detail of your transaction from start to finish. Our experienced staff will work seamlessly with your company to optimize the value of your receivables.

We will analyze available asset data and documents to recommend best sale strategy, asset pooling and pricing optimization. Based on the portfolio analysis, we will structure a comprehensive, targeted marketing plan and create bidder due diligence materials designed specifically for your portfolio sale.

Our sales team will select the disposition format best suited to market your assets. Using key marketing efforts including direct phone solicitations, mass communication campaigns and posting on our online sale platform.

Our buyer network consists of pre-registered and vetted purchasers, and we will further assess and qualify potential buyers based on your compliance needs. NTX sales representatives will work directly with each interested party to make sure all questions and concerns are answered appropriately. We will continually monitor all bidder activity and potential interest, and assist with all bid and term negotiations and make recommendations based on your selling preferences.

Our experienced service team will supervise, coordinate and implement closing activities as needed, including: document execution and distribution, final data delivery, closing statement preparation and purchase price collection and remittance. NoteTradeX can also provide post-sale servicing guidance for media and repurchase requests and other post-sale matters.

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